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Black Woman Entrepreneur Working


Access to Capital and Financial Inclusion

Our integrated approach guides organizations in dismantling structural and policy barriers that prevent entrepreneurs of color from accessing the right financial resources and business opportunities to start and scale. Our digital advisor training curriculum and resource directory are only one part of our larger strategy for decreasing disparities in business outcomes for BIPOC entrepreneurs. This includes access to curated funding guides and support resources that connect entrepreneurs of color to a broader range of capital options.

Strategy and Innovation

"The next wave of innovation is rooted in inclusion" - Forbes.

When organizations understand and design with the cultural backgrounds of their clients in mind, they can engage them more effectively to help them to achieve their business goals. The organizations' success is tied to the success of its increasingly diverse client base. Cultural competence includes race, and is also represented by the social, cultural, and linguistic needs of entrepreneurs. By learning to be aware of unconscious bias, valuing the assets, perspectives and experiences of diverse clients and creating an environment for ongoing customer discovery and co-creation of products and/or programming,  business advisors, product managers, and economic development entities can rethink how best to serve their clients and be prepared to meet their individual and business needs. This can lead to increased self-awareness and, over time, trust, changed beliefs and attitudes that can translate into greater outcomes for business support initiatives and products, and as a result, local communities.

Equitable Ecosystem Design

Bias, stereotyping, prejudice, paternalism, low expectations and distrust contribute to reduced economic outputs for communities nationwide. BIPOC  entrepreneurs are less likely than our white counterparts to receive relevant, results-driven advice, connections and critical resources. By providing access to strategic resources, capital and guidance to help business support organizations engage with BIPOC entrepreneurs in a more culturally responsive, impactful and optimistic manner, our firm seeks to reduce barriers that these communities face due to fear, distrust, comfortability, and lack of access.

ICB137 Conference
In this presentation, Gloria shared insights, tools and templates for helping entrepreneurs of colour and women entrepreneurs. She identifies new alternative funding sources, shares how to develop funding roadmaps for entrepreneurs, and explores the role of the ESO in providing guidance.
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