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Two Black Women Entrepreneurs Talking

Consulting with Purpose

At GTB Advisors we partner with forward-thinking organizations and institutions to create strategies around finance, ecosystem building, innovation, early-stage investing, and philanthropy that guide communities of color to the financial and social capital they need to grow successful businesses. 


Over the last decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of small businesses and nonprofits to create inclusive spaces for women and people of color which: 

  • Define existing and develop new pathways to resources in support of the fastest-growing demographic of startup business founders in the country.

  • Offer guidance around how to access and navigate networks necessary to grow

  • Advocate for, fund, and design initiatives that provide equitable access to opportunities to create a more prosperous and healthy future for communities of color. 

  • Motivate, inspire and empower more Black women to imagine and pursue their own image of entrepreneurial success.

CEO and President Gloria Ware
About the
CEO and President
Gloria Ware headshot


GTB Advisors understands the ecosystem of business support services - which has historically been fraught with capacity, access and inclusivity challenges. We've taken on those challenges directly - by building a software solution that allows the entire ecosystem to interact at scale. Organizations that offer business support partner with GTB Advisors to provide capital access  - financial, social and customer - to help business owners build the scalable and sustainable business of their dreams.


Our business growth platform will reduce barriers to wealth creation through equitable and responsible business ownership. In five years, over 5,000 business owners will be able to track their growth trajectory back to GTB Advisors. Through our relationships with foundations and community partners, we will have helped thousands of businesses access the funds and resources they needed, when they needed them - to help them transform their businesses, their lives and make a positive impact on the world.

Core Values

  • Collaboration

  • Trust

  • Respect

  • Positive Impact

  • Critical Thinking

  • Sustainability

  • Sankofa

  • Creativity

  • Fun

Meet the Team
Intern Keya Loding
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